The visual practitioner community is generous with resource sharing.
We believe that the more people embrace these tools, the
more opportunities there
are for everyone.

Please enjoy this curated list of books and other resources with hopes that it helps you on your journey. 

Three Steps for Getting Started

  1. Browse the web. Google graphic recording, graphic facilitation, sketch-noting, and digital scribing. Look at the images. There are lots of styles out there.

  2. Go to a Meetup or other networking group or evening workshop. Meet people who are doing this work. You will learn so much from talking with and watching others.

  3. Decide what kind of work you want to focus on. Find a trainer who specializes in that form of the craft. Start to think about what kind of training you want to invest in. If you would like us to be your personal visual coaches or to train your team or organization, contact us

Visual Facilitation and 

Design Thinking

Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting


Organization Development