Dancing with Markers offers a simple process for creative discovery and connection as individuals, teams, and organizations work towards their visions, design their strategies and achieve their goals. 


Whether you are a leader, manager, consultant, facilitator, artist, or professional in transition, we draw upon our diverse toolkit of visual modalities, powerful questions, experiential learning practices, and artistic approach in order to partner with you, as you move with what you have and grow to where you want to be. 


Dancing with Markers offers visual facilitation, graphic recording, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. Dancing with Markers specializes in the use of visuals to capture and retain knowledge and insights.

Founded by Lauren Green in 2017, Dancing with Markers is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) serving the global community from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.



Engage participants in a fully collaborative and dynamic group experience, designed to connect team-members, while supporting innovative thinking and achieving strategic goals.



Don't just take notes. Visualize them. Bring a meeting or event to life in a way that will help participants engage and retain knowledge. 

Consulting and Training

Whether it's helping to bring your event online or improving your visual communication, we will partner with you to design a customized training and consulting package.

Leadership and Career Coaching

There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed, only discovered. Take this opportunity to make a change, meet a challenge, or improve your leadership presence.



You want Lauren on your team. She approaches each project with her whole self, generous, insightful, and highly skilled as both a Graphic Recorder and Facilitator. I have had the pleasure of referring clients to Lauren, where I know they are in good hands. I have also taken part in professional development opportunities that she has developed and lead. Her thoughtful presence adds a wonderful dimension to every process I have participated in with her.

— Angelique McAlpine

 Visual Practitioner

Drawing Impact