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Dancing with Markers® is an associate network of visual practitioners who use clear and illuminating visuals to help you get your ideas on paper; draw out the journey; see your vision in a real way; and make the ambiguous journey of change more approachable and achievable. Everyone deserves to love their work and create the change they want to see. Think of us as your connection point for the visual services that will uniquely support your goals. 


We partner with early career professionals, new-to-virtual facilitators, solopreneurs, collaborative leaders, and co-creative teams as they work towards their visions, design their strategies and reach their goals.

Our process is simple and customized. We aim to create connection, especially during times of distance—visuals help us get there. Dancing with Markers® specializes in the use of visuals to capture and retain knowledge and insights. We draw upon our diverse toolkit of visual modalities, powerful questions, experiential learning tools, and artistic approach to support your movement



Engage participants in a fully collaborative and dynamic group experience, designed to connect team-members, while supporting innovative thinking and achieving strategic goals.



Don't just take notes. Visualize them. Bring a meeting or event to life in a way that will help participants engage and retain knowledge. 

Consulting and Training

Whether it's helping to bring your event online or improving your visual communication, we will partner with you to design a customized training and consulting package.

Leadership and Career Coaching

There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed, only discovered. Take this opportunity to make a change, meet a challenge, or improve your leadership presence.


I found this [leadership development] cohort training to be the most insightful, applicable, timely, transparent and effective of all of the many courses I have taken (and certainly aligned with [our] corporate pillars).  I enjoyed the interaction with my colleagues, and recognized early on that [Lauren] kept us together as an entity … I am sincerely going to miss this interaction/education… and wish we could keep this going for another month or so, especially with the changes currently ongoing...  I feel confident that I have some significant tools in my tool-box to transition through these changes.

— Lyn Quillin

ATPCO Manager, Customer Service


Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


Meet us in an upcoming Friday Coffee Chat, an opportunity to grow confidence in the virtual environment, connect with other facilitators, and learn about our offerings and events. 


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