Workshops and Training


Learn fundamentals of visual language in a half to full day in person or online workshop. You will learn drawing fundamentals and lettering basics, as well as expand your visual vocabulary. You will leave with an understanding of how to visualize key concepts from your work, create a visual narrative, and listen for key points. We customize this training to meet your needs.


A graphic recording and sketchnoting workshop will... 

  • Help your team communicate their ideas visually

  • Allow for your team to move beyond basic PowerPoint to truly engaging presentation visuals

  • Give participants a launching platform for further study in graphic recording  


Grow your confidence facilitating using virtual tools and engaging virtual collaboration techniques. You will learn essentials of Zoom, Google Documents and Mural, as well as leading practices in translating your in person facilitation design into a dynamic virtual experience. Your events will be so seamless that your participants will forget that they are in a virtual meeting. 


A virtual facilitation workshop will...

  • Ensure you are maximizing group potential online

  • Meet multiple learning styles through energizers and creative tool usage

  • Open up possibilities for more flexible participatory processes long-term


Learn essential visual facilitation modalities in this half-day to two-day in person or online visual facilitation workshop. You will receive a primer in visual vocabulary, as well as fundamental visual listening skills. We will target visual tools that support your unique needs, such as strategic planning, innovation/human-centered design, client discovery meetings, working through conflict, and more. You will have the opportunity to apply these tools to your existing projects. We customize this training to meet your needs.  

A visual facilitation workshop will... 

  • Expand your toolkit for effective and productive meeting design 

  • Increase your listening and drawing skills 

  • Help you design meetings that engage diverse perspectives and multiple learning styles



  • GR/ Sketchnoting 101 

  • Sketch-noting 101 

  • Visual Consulting 

  • Chart Craft for Facilitators 


  • Facilitation Presence 

  • Participatory Decision-Making 

  • Energizers and Check-ins 

Design Thinking / Innovation

  • Innovation/Creativity Summit 

  • Customer Service

  • Startup Studio

Coaching / Leadership Development

  • Listening Like a Coach

  • Cultivating Resilience Through Play

  • Cultivating Resilience Through Self-Care

  • A Journey Between Order and Chaos

  • Leading from the Insight Out: Exploration of Strengths and Values

  • Self-Awareness During Conflict / Noticing Our Personal Needs

  • Finding Daily Balance and Energy Renewal

  • Getting Essential – Personal Decision-Modeling, The Graceful “No”, and Releasing What Doesn’t Serve

  • Contracting with Yourself - Building a Personal Contract

  • Personal Mission Statement (A Guided Meditation to Meet Your Inner Wisdom)

  • Creativity, Visioning and the Second Right Answer 

  • Designing the Path Forward and Daily Steps Towards Meeting Your Goals

Virtual Teams & Virtual Leadership

  • Creating Inclusive Virtual Teams

  • Overcoming "Technophobia"

  • Building Your Virtual Team Charter (goals, roles, and decision-model)

  • Designing Shared Virtual "Rules of the Road" 

  • Communicate, Coordinate, Collaborate: The Primary Tasks of Virtual Work 

  • Designing Engaging Virtual Meetings 

  • That Was Then, This is Now: Understanding the Benefits and Barriers of Virtual Work 

  • What Does it Mean to be a Virtual Team: A Checklist for Leaders

  • Building Trust with Productive Energizers and Check-ins

  • 5 Behaviors of High-Performing Virtual Teams (a riff on Lencioni) 

  • Are You an Active Communicator? Improve Team Communication, Starting with You 

  • Leading a Virtual Team: 10 Things Every Leader Should Know 

  • Defining Virtual Team Roles and Responsibilities