Workshops and Training

We offer all workshops both internally for organizations and as publicly as interest demands. 

Express your interest in a workshop topic. 


If we have enough interest, we will reach out to schedule at a time that works for you. 



Don't just take notes, visualize them. Join us for this week-long (2 hours per day) doodle day camp, an introductory graphic recording and sketch-noting experience for facilitators, team leaders, entrepreneurs, and the visually-inclined. Visual notes help us capture and remember key points in a visually pleasing way. It's tons of fun and a wonderful life skill.


A graphic recording and sketchnoting workshop will... 

  • Help your team communicate their ideas visually

  • Allow for your team to move beyond basic PowerPoint to truly engaging presentation visuals

  • Give participants a launching platform for further study in graphic recording  


A solid marketing strategy starts with understanding your unique brand and voice. Designed for early career professionals and entrepreneurs, this workshop will lay the foundation of a branding and marketing strategy for yourself and/or your business. Your "blue ocean" (a term popularized by the book Blue Ocean Strategy) is the intersection of your skills, your unique qualities, and your passions.


This workshop will...

  • Help you talk about your career and your business with confidence

  • Provide you with a personalized branding guide that you can use to design and implement your marketing content and/or work with a online media manager 

  • Begin the journey that you will build on in the coming months and years following this program


Learn essential visual facilitation modalities in this half-day to two-day in person or online visual facilitation workshop. You will receive a primer in visual vocabulary, as well as fundamental visual listening skills. Designed for facilitators, new leaders, team leads and entrepreneurs, we will target visual tools that support your unique needs, such as strategic planning, innovation/human-centered design, client discovery meetings, working through conflict, and more. You will have the opportunity to apply these tools to your existing projects. We customize this training to meet your needs.  

A visual facilitation workshop will... 

  • Expand your toolkit for effective and productive meeting design 

  • Increase your listening and drawing skills 

  • Help you design meetings that engage diverse perspectives and multiple learning styles


Coaching skills are life skills. You don't have to want to be a professional coach to benefit from learning how to coach. Coaches are practiced in the art of listening asking powerful questions. Designed for facilitators, new leaders, team leads and entrepreneurs, this workshop will target these two essential skills in a way that will help you improve your relationships at work and at home, as well as give you a foundational model should you decide to continue your coaching journey.


Coaching skills will help you to...

  • Listen better to and understand your colleagues 

  • Lead your teams organization and yourself more effectively 

  • Better teach, facilitate and mentor others 

  • Become more emotionally aware and intelligent

  • Be a consultant that organizations want to work with 

  • Improve your personal friendships and relationships


Grow your confidence facilitating using virtual tools and engaging virtual collaboration techniques. Designed for facilitators, new leaders, team leads and entrepreneurs, this workshop includes essentials of Zoom, Google Documents and Mural, as well as leading practices in translating your in person facilitation design into a dynamic virtual experience. Your events will be so seamless that your participants will forget that they are in a virtual meeting. 


A virtual facilitation workshop will...

  • Ensure you are maximizing group potential online

  • Meet multiple learning styles through energizers and creative tool usage

  • Open up possibilities for more flexible participatory processes long-term


Receive your full MBTI report and debrief while sharing insights and hearing learnings from others. Designed for facilitators, new leaders, team leads and entrepreneurs, this workshop is a great way to deepen self-learning and appreciate the importance of diverse personality types in work and personal relationships. Workshop is 3 hours and includes your report!

During the group debrief, you will...

  • Learn about the MBTI tool and how to read your report 

  • Receive your report and review the results 

  • Share insights with the group 

  • Understand the essentials about type dynamics and development​


The goal of our six to eight week group coaching experience is to work on ourselves in partnership with other willing individuals to grow awareness, manage through change, and develop and execute a personal vision and action plan. Designed for facilitators, new leaders, team leads and entrepreneurs, each cohort will include three to eight individuals who are willing to take a personal journey in community with others. 

A group coaching cohort will...

  • Expose you to theory based, researched growth and development models 

  • Give you dedicated time for personal reflection and insights 

  • Teach you essential skills for peer coaching and supporting others in their journey

  • Offer you companionship and community as you embark on your path

  • Ground you in your personal strengths and values

  • Bring awareness to your limiting mindsets and beliefs

  • Offer you resiliency practices to manage stress, promote self-care and renew energy

  • Give you time to design a personal contract for balance

  • Help you determine what needs to let go in order to create space for possibility in the future

  • Help you identify a personal vision aligned with your goals and values 

  • Provide visual tools for designing actions, experiments and prototypes for your vision ​



The move to virtual means that even the best teams need a reset. High-performing teams follow several practices that help them to reach and maintain their momentum. This is a train-the-trainer style course for facilitators, new leaders, team leads, and entrepreneurs, during we will expose you to several core practices of high-performing teams. We offer visual tools to take back to your teams. Our toolkit will target improving meetings, establishing communications rhythms, building trust, clarifying roles, and setting goals. 


A virtual team workshop will...

  • Introduce you to core practices of high-performing teams 

  • Help you understand the nuances and challenges of a virtual environment 

  • Offer tools you can use to help your team thrive in virtual environment


Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


Meet us in an upcoming Friday Coffee Chat, an opportunity to grow confidence in the virtual environment, connect with other facilitators, and learn about our offerings and events. 


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