Visual Facilitation


Visual facilitation is the use of visual tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve breakthroughs. Our approach to visual facilitation is to design a facilitation process using visual templates and tools from thought leaders in graphic facilitation (The Grove Consultants International) and design thinking (LUMA Institute). Visual facilitation lends itself well to change strategy,  strategic planning, communications planning, process design, systems thinking, future visioning, team norming, leadership development, and more. ​


A visual facilitator will...

  • Ensure that all perspectives are heard and outcomes are grounded in collective intelligence

  • Increase the investment that participants have in meeting outcomes 

  • Help ensure that ideas are implemented and sustained 

  • Design a logical sequential approach that supports leading practices in adult learning 

  • Utilize visual templates to structure conversations

  • Guide behavior through shared agreements

  • Provide space for deep conversation

  • Give participants the opportunity to address concerns in a constructive way

  • Make it fun! 


Embrace the innovative possibilities that virtual facilitation can offer. We believe online meetings should be approached with as much humanity as possible. We merge our hand-drawn approach with digital tools, to create virtual experiences that feel like you're actually in the room.

A virtual facilitator will...

  • Support faster, stronger, and easier interactions 

  • Utilize leading practices in collaborative technology to create engaging interactive events

  • Recognize opportunities to avoid meetings for "meeting sake"

  • Ensure all participants can actively engage with technology 

  • Utilize tools that are aligned with the availability and virtual readiness of each group

Resources for Visual Facilitators

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Coffee Chats

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The Grove's Strategic Visioning™ Workshop

San Francisco and Online

The Grove’s visual, online approach allows you to bring together the best thinking of your organization, department, or team to align on what you need to do to restart, grow, and thrive.

Visual Meetings

by David Sibbet

Visual Meetings explains how anyone can implement powerful visual tools, and how these tools are being used in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to facilitate both face-to-face and virtual group work. 

Lizard Brain's Think
with Ink Workshop

Washington, DC and Online

A three-day intensive workshop on using visuals to facilitate groups. Topics cover: visual energizers and icebreakers, meeting principles and ground rules, and visual tools for brainstorming ideas, comparing ideas, and collaboratively deciding the way forward.

Session Lab 

Agenda Design Program

Search among hundreds of quality exercises, filtering by suggested number of participants, duration and topics. Once you have found the exercise that fits, you can easily add it to your session plan.

Design a Better Business Book and Toolkit

by Lisa Kay Solomon, et al

This book and toolkit stitches together a complete design journey from beginning to end in a way that you've likely never seen before, guiding readers (you) step-by-step in a practical way from the initial spark of an idea all the way to scaling it into a better business. 

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