Visual Communications


A vision map is a graphic depiction of a vision or process that you are trying to communicate. Vision maps are accompanied by a facilitated group process. They are typically produced as 11"x17" placemats, but they can also be reformatted to fit PowerPoint or Word documents as needed. Vision maps start with a facilitated meeting, where the key content and visual imagery is harvested from all knowledge experts and supporting documents. Following the initial triage, we advance the design from "pencil sketch" to final deliverable, just as we would in a traditional graphic design process. 

Strategic illustrations follow the same process; however, they are produced as hand-drawn graphic recordings on large 4'x8' paper, rather than using a design program. Strategic illustrations are not "future proof." In other words, only minor text changes can be made to the final version. 

A vision map or strategic illustration will...

  • Help you communicate a vision or process 

  • Bring a hand-drawn, approachable feel to an otherwise average document 

  • Advance your thinking of you would like to communicate 

  • Offer you an eye-catching branded display for your office or website


A visual template is a visual that supports a group process. Visual templates are usually printed on poster size paper that can be taped to a wall or laid out on a table. A visual template may also be the design of a shared virtual collaboration space, such as a Mural board. A visual template helps a group structure their conversations.


There are lots of visual templates out there. The first step is figuring out what the desired outcomes are and looking at a few examples. The Grove's Strategic Visioning toolkit is a "go-to" resource for many facilitators. The tools that accompany the Design a Better Business book are also a wonderful starting place. In the instance that you can't find exactly what you need, our expert visual facilitators can design a template that is customized to support your conversation. 

A visual template will... 

  • Save time and structure group conversations 

  • Replace the need for a table-top or small group facilitator 

  • Ensure the group knows exactly what they need to cover 

  • Highlight "blank space" or areas of conversation that a group may be neglecting 

  • Condense a process with many steps into an easy to follow one-pager


Popularized on YouTube by the group RSA Animate, a whiteboard animation video is a professionally produced video where your message, process, or vision is drawn out through words and images, as if in real-time. The effect is mesmerizing. A whiteboard animation video is produced either in a studio or using a design program, such as VideoScribe. The production process is robust. Once the video goes into production, it is costly to make script and image changes. We have a robust upfront, co-creative process where we spend a lot of time making sure our script, imagery and storyboard are solid and agreed upon by all key stakeholders. 

Check out this article on the whiteboard animation design process from our partners at Lizard Brain. You can also watch this video on how whiteboard animations are created from our OGSystems Visioneering partners. 

A whiteboard animation video will...

  • Help you communicate a complex vision or process 

  • Engage viewers' visual as well as auditory learning styles 

  • Increase viewership of the message and engagement with your call to action

  • Be an asset to your marketing and outreach strategy


Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


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