Whether its supporting your next event with visual note-taking, designing an energizing and productive team retreat, or deep-diving into an organizational challenge, our team has the experience and dedication needed to support meaningful and lasting engagements. 

Lauren Green - 2019 Headshot.jpg
  • George Mason University, M.S. in Organization Development and Knowledge Management, 2016

  • Coaching Certification, International Coaches Federation, 2020 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator, The Myers-Briggs Company, 2019

  • EQi 2.0 and EQi 360, Otto Kroeger Associates, 2019

  • Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model, Grove Consultants International, 2018

  • Trained and experienced in facilitating using organization development, knowledge management, change management, leadership development, systems thinking, team development and norming, Appreciative Inquiry, and human-centered design modalities 

  • Specialties include: Graphic Facilitation, Strategic Visioning, Appreciative Inquiry Summits, World Cafes, Open Space Technology, Design Sprints, Innovation Workshops, Team-Building Retreats, Group Dynamics, Lean Startup, Liberating Structures, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Motion Theatre

  • 30 years of experience in movement and kinesthetic intelligence study

  • 10 years of experience facilitating virtual meetings and managing online communities

  • 10 years of experience in holistic strategic communications planning and consulting

  • 10 years of experience in visual communications design (social media, graphic design, video design)

  • 6 years of experience facilitating in person strategic planning, design thinking, team-building and other group process meetings and conferences 

  • 5 years of experience in graphic recording and digital scribing for conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings, and courses, both online and in person 

  • 5 years of experience in career and leadership coaching, with a special focus on diversity and inclusion, self-care, resilience, and personal visioning

As an experienced visual facilitator, graphic recorder, certified coach and leadership development trainer, Lauren Green believes in the power of visualization to support productive and dynamic group process. She is recognized for her high-energy and ability to fuel connectivity and engagement. Lauren has an extensive toolkit of modalities for designing inclusive, engaging and productive sessions, both in person and in the virtual environment. With a social media followership of more than 2,000 people and having managed online communities for more than 10 years, Lauren is well-versed in the nuances of building and sustaining connection in the online space. 


Lauren is the owner and executive director of Dancing with Markers, a team of visual practitioners who hold space for individuals, teams and organizations, as they work towards their vision and achieve their goals. Lauren is a partner and associate with Lizard Brain, a team of high in-demand facilitators and visual consultants. She is also an associate with several Washington, DC area visual practitioner networks, including Wayfind, Crowley & Company, and See in Colors. Lauren holds a master's degree in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University and a bachelor’s of fine arts degree in dance from SUNY University at Buffalo. Lauren is an International Coach Federation certified coach and an MBTI® and EQi (emotional intelligence) Practitioner.

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Lauren Green - Owner and Executive Director

  • 15 years of experience in facilitation, strategic planning, leadership development and training, organizational development, team development, project management, and visual consulting.

  • International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), 2016.

  • Certified to deliver the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior (FIRO-B), and the Drexler Sibbet Team Performance Model (TPM.)

  • MBTI® Master Practitioner (in progress.)

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP.)

  • Trained and experienced in delivering the Grove Consultants’ Strategic Visioning, Lego® Serious Play®, Crucial Conversations, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), the Organizational Cultural Assessment Indicator (OCAI), Social Styles, Theory U, the Tuckman Model of Team Development, and Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

  • Trainer and facilitator in visual problem solving and other visual methods, including, mindmapping, strategic visualization, process improvement mapping, change management modeling, and visual coaching.

  • MBA from Arizona State University focusing in Development and Finance.


Brian Tarallo is a graphic facilitator and the managing director of Lizard Brain Solutions.  He works with clients to visually solve their most critical issues.  His areas of focus include corporate strategy, organizational development, leadership development, and strategic planning.  He is an associate of the Grove Consultants International, a training subject matter expert for the Army’s “Red Team School” (UFMCS - the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies), a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), a sponsor, member, and presenter of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), a member and presenter of the Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network (CBODN) and a member and presenter of the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators' Network (MAFN.)


Brian’s clients include federal agencies, national associations, and major firms within the healthcare, defense, and management consulting industries.  He has written and taught extensively about graphic facilitation.   In 2014, Brian delivered a TEDx Talk, "What's Wrong with This Picture," on the power of visual literacy, which has had over 16,000 combined views.

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Brian Tarallo - Lead Associate

  • Design Thinking and Innovation
    Darden School of Business, UVA, 2018

  • MBA and MS, Strategic Management
    Kelley School of Business, IU 2016

  • Global and Strategic Management and Leadership
    Kenan-Flagler, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2015

  • BS, Commerce – International Business and Marketing
    McIntire School of Commerce, UVA, 2007

  • BS, Spanish and Minor, Studio Art
    College of Arts & Sciences, UVA, 2007

  • Certified Everything DiSC® Trainer, Wiley, 2020

  • Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, Wiley, 2020

  • Certified Professional Facilitator, IAF, 2019

  • Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC), ICAgile, 2019

  • MBTI® Practitioner, The Myers and Briggs Foundation, 2019

  • Technology of Participation Facilitation, Leadership Ed, ICA, 2019

  • Design Thinking and Innovation, Darden School of Business, UVA, 2018

  • Team Performance, Drexler/Sibbet, 2017

  • Maximizing Human Performance, NASA, 2017

  • Human-Centered Design (HCD) Facilitation, 2017

  • Facilitating Virtual Collaboration, Grove Consultants International, 2015

  • Graphic Facilitation, Crowley & Co., 2013

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI, 2012

  • Yoga instructor (RYT-200), Yoga Alliance

Erin Gordon, founder and executive director of WorksCreative, is a seasoned strategy consultant, certified professional facilitator, and coach with specialties in design thinking, leadership development, and team performance. She delivers facilitation and studio services that leverage creative techniques and visual methods for clients in person and virtually. Through WorksCreative, Erin also provides illustration and full-scale murals.

An artist at heart, Erin’s work is the direct result of a relentless pursuit to leverage creativity no matter the task. She began working as a visual practitioner in 2012 and now fuses her expertise in strategy with visualization – practicing visual approaches by way of graphic facilitation, recording, sketch-noting and collaboration in person and virtually.​

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Erin Gordon - Lead Associate

  • M.A. in Public Relations

  • SAFe Agilist Certification

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Course

  • Graphic facilitation training

  • Employer-based training courses on project management, leadership, and presentation skills

Trent Wakenight uses visual meetings to help organizations with change management and strategic communication, turning cool concepts into even cooler pictures. In his spare time, he works, cooks and drinks, and wants to be a race car driver.

Trent is an outcome-oriented strategic communication and strategy development professional with extensive experience in strategic visualization, graphic facilitation, project management, organizational change, and program assessment.  He has deep experience supporting officials in government and academia with accomplishments in the intelligence community, defense, homeland security, STEM, online education, and public health.

Trent has been a practicing graphic facilitator and graphic recorder since 2011, with experience in the graphic recording field since 2002. He conducts graphic facilitation and graphic recording to support change management and strategic communication activities for U.S. government agencies. His work products include concept visuals, storyboards and video development, sketchnotes, corporate visions maps and strategic plans, and integrated marketing and communication plans. Trent provides visualization support to think tanks, non-profit entities, government agencies, and the private sector in areas such as science and technology, government policy and national security, public health and safety, human rights and empowerment. Trent is also a professional writer and note taker. He is a former English teacher and aspires to be a race car driver.

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Trent Wakenight - Associate

lisa headshot.PNG

Lisa Nelson loves combining art with life.  By using the power of visuals, Lisa helps to bring key points and ideas to the surface.  Her visual summaries cover topics ranging from business and leadership to community and faith.  Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur with over 3500 social media shares.  Lisa has helped a variety of organizations use the power of visuals including Dell, Ogilvy, AARP, and GE.  In addition to graphic recording, Lisa enjoys presenting fun and engaging workshops like Sketchnotes for Beginners. 

You can sign up for free visual notetaking tips, drawing lessons, and fill in the blank templates at

Lisa is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Howard University.  She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners and is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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Lisa Nelson - Associate


Wade has always enjoyed using art (painting, portraits, murals, illustration, graphic recording, sketchnoting) to create better experiences for everyone around him. After a 15-year hiatus into the cyber security realm, Wade is finally using his artistic ability full-time to help groups generate better conversations, find new understanding, and be a part of the creative process.  By tapping into his teaching, theater, consulting, intelligence analysis, and design thinking backgrounds, he can use both sides of his brain with art to accomplish things he sincerely loves. When he’s not drawing, he’s enjoying doing something outdoors or eating something delicious with his wife and kids.

Wade Forbes - Associate

Korsak Headshot.jpg

Mark Korsak has been drawing and designing professionally for over 25 years with a variety of experiences creating cd covers, book jackets, theater and event posters, editorial illustration, storyboards, pre-production art, murals. logo design, branding, web design, catalog design, photography and merchandising. After moving to Washington DC he was introduced to graphic recording and has enthusiastically pursued it.

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Mark Korsak - Associate

tobey busch.jpg

Tobey Busch began graphic recording and sketchnoting in 2011 after seeing a graphic recorder at a plenary session of a conference. Immediately after being introduced to the craft, she dove in and participated in every opportunity to engage with other visual practitioners at all levels and start to hone her skills. While her initial training and practice was using traditional marker and paper, she has almost fully transitioned to the digital space and her iPad is almost always on hand. Tobey not only enjoys recording live workshops and conferences, but has an expanded portfolio that includes general graphic design and marketing pieces for clients such as the Best Friends Animal Society, the American Heart Association, and Chemonics International.


In her “real life” Tobey is a senior pharmaceutical management advisor with the Office of Health Systems in the Bureau for Global Health at USAID where she is responsible for providing technical guidance to USAID on matters related to pharmaceutical management and health systems strengthening. Prior to joining USAID, Tobey worked with USAID implementing partner Management Sciences for Health (MSH) on implementation of several international public health programs. At MSH her work focused on development and oversight of monitoring and evaluation systems, including M&E tools, indicators, and reporting mechanisms. Tobey has a background in access to essential medicines programs in developing countries, working with non-governmental organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean and in Africa. Tobey received her MPH from Yale University’s School of Epidemiology and Public Health in 2017 where she focused on public health policy.


Tobey is a passionate about her work and is grateful to be able to involved in both visual practice as well and international public health.  

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Tobey Busch - Associate