Strategic Online Communications


Your online presence starts with you.


What makes you unique? What is your voice? What do you need to share with the community and the world?


We begin the journey with a robust strategic communications and design session, where we will look at your current and desired online presence and design a path forward. As needed, we will partner with you to design weekly content, and if desired, support your ongoing marketing engagement efforts. 


Strategic communications and design session (90 minutes to 3 hours) 

  • Look at how you’re currently engaging online

  • Discuss the presence and voice you would like to have online 

  • Discuss key goals and targets for your business 

  • Map your audiences and who you’re trying to reach

  • Craft your core messaging 

  • Identify channels and platforms for your outreach

  • Recommend next steps to begin executing on the plan 


Below are services we can refer you to, once you have identified your chosen path. We partner with digital media experts who specialize in each of these areas. 

  • Social media content design and engagement 

  • Web content management

  • Website design 

  • eNewsletter writing 

  • Blog writing 

  • Video editing 

  • Online event management 


Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


Meet us in an upcoming Friday Coffee Chat, an opportunity to grow confidence in the virtual environment, connect with other facilitators, and learn about our offerings and events. 


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