Self-Coaching Activity: A Dance Between Chaos and Order

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Chaos and order are different states of being. We often feel safest in a state of order, but our world - especially right now - is neither predictable nor stable. We have an opportunity during this time to explore new possibilities in the space between chaos and order.

In this model from the Art of Hosting method, we see the dangers of either extreme. Extreme chaos brings disintegration and death. Extreme control leads to micromanagement and stagnation. Too much movement in either direction can move us into a state of apathy or rebellion.

The Chaordic Path, Art of Hosting,

And so we try to find the balance. Order emerges from what we learn in the chaos. And in the same way, innovation and creativity emerges when we break away from our routines.

Try This:

In your journal, take a few minutes to reflect and write you responses to these questions:

  • What thoughts and reactions emerge when you think about chaos?

  • What thoughts and reactions emerge when you think about order?

Next, find a new space in your journal, and make two columns.

  • Under the left column, make a list of things that are chaotic in your life (the variables).

  • Under the right column, make a list of things that are in order in your life (the constants).

We have control over some areas of our life, and others we don’t. Not everyone's balance is the same. Some people prefer more order, and others prefer more chaos. We always have control over how we choose to be in the chaos.

Finally, think about a time in your life when you felt truly energized and alive. Reflect and journal about:

  • What was chaotic and what was constant in this experience?

  • What might this tell you about your preferences for order or chaos?

  • What is one area on your list (^) where you might experiment with adding a little more order?

  • How about an area where you could try adding a little more chaos?


Choose one small thing you can do each day to create order and one small thing you can do to add a little chaos. Reflect on how this went and hang onto the practices that worked for you.

Please forward and share this blog, and tune in weekly for more self-coaching activities.

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