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COMING SOON: Build Your Brand Book: Personal and Business Branding Workshop

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Most of Dancing with Markers® pre-COVID business leads came from seeing our work in action, live and in the room. Now, our work is online, and we’ve adapted to marketing ourselves in different ways. Many are now looking to develop online what was once an in-person experience. If you are new to marketing yourself through digital media, this can be very scary. 

Your head may be spinning, with thoughts and questions, such as...

  • I need a Facebook page.

  • What is a hashtag? 

  • What is a blog? 

  • I haven’t updated my LinkedIn page since 2013.

  • There are a lot of people already doing this.

  • I’m not tech-savvy.

A solid marketing strategy starts with understanding your unique brand and voice. Before you can choose the channel, you have to consider who you are, who you serve, what they need, and what makes you unique. Designed for early career professionals, visual practitioners, facilitators and entrepreneurs, this two-day (4 hours each day) introduction to branding and marketing workshop will lay the foundation of a branding and marketing strategy for yourself and/or your business. 

This workshop will...

  • Help you talk about your career and your business with confidence.

  • Provide you with a personalized branding guide (we call it “brand book”) that you can use to design and implement your marketing content and/or work with an online media manager.

  • Begin the journey that you will build on in the coming months and years following this program.

In order to keep this workshop broad and introductory level, we will not go deep into: 

  • Website development, design, or search engine optimization

  • Publishing blogs, podcasts, or videos 

  • Writing content for social media 

  • Competitive marketing analysis

You will, however, have a clearer picture of what’s out there and where to focus your resources. 

Please complete this form to let us know what dates works best for you and what you would like most from this session.

We're looking forward to it and hope you are too!

Continue reading for a peek into the workshop! 


You will have two home-work (“home-joy”) assignments. The first will be between days one and two. Please set aside 1-2 hours to do this first home-joy. The second home-joy will be a “brand book” project that you will create post-workshop and share with workshop trainers and participants for feedback. 

Day 1 Flow: 

  • Welcome and intros 

  • Identifying your unique personal brand 

  • Serving your audience needs (Audience Profile Page) 

  • Choosing channels to reach your audience (essentials of social media, blog and website)

  • Home-joys: 

  • Write a brand statement (30 minutes to one hour)

  • Interview your audience (30 minutes to one hour)

  • Start a Pinterest account (5 minutes)

Day 2 Flow: 

  • Opening insights and reflections 

  • Developing your marketing strategy

  • Starting a “Pinterest brand vision board” 

  • Designing your marketing goals and project plan

  • Home-joy: 

  • Developing and sharing your brand book via Facebook group (or email if you don’t use Facebook) 

We are considering the following Tuesday/Thursday date combos for this workshop: 

  • October 6/8, 2020 (1-5 PM, Eastern, US)

  • October 13/15, 2020  (1-5 PM Eastern, US) 

  • October 20/22, 2020  (1-5 PM Eastern, US) 

  • October 27/29, 2020  (1-5 PM Eastern, US) 

Please complete this form to let us know what date combo works best for you and what you would like most from this session.

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