Friday Coffee Chat with Lauren - Shop Talk, New Ideas, Centering

Bring your coffee and your questions - technical or otherwise. The Friday Coffee Chat is aimed to grow our confidence in the new virtual environment. We will use this time to wake up, stretch, and talk about what would be most helpful right now... whatever is coming up as the biggest need, such as...

  • "shop talk", i.e. answering specific questions or challenges with virtual tools, such as Zoom and Mural

  • getting feedback on a virtual facilitation agenda or digital scribe recording

  • sharing a new idea, project or tool

  • mindfulness and centering - a time to reconnect with others and ourselves

We will dance with what shows up! This will run for 4 weeks as a pilot and we will adjust/extend based on feedback.



Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


Meet us in an upcoming Friday Coffee Chat, an opportunity to grow confidence in the virtual environment, connect with other facilitators, and learn about our offerings and events. 


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