Group Coaching: Visioning in Times of Chaos


As you may know, I will be offering a free group coaching program starting in Mid-April. Please help spread the word by forwarding this to a friend or sharing one of my posts on social media. Sign up using this form:

Description: Group Coaching - Visioning in Times of Chaos

The goal of this 6 week group coaching experience is to work on ourselves in partnership with other willing individuals to grow awareness, manage through chaos, and develop and execute a personal vision and action plan. COVID-19 has severely impacted our lives, both day-to-day and future-planning. With the time and space we have now, let’s take this opportunity to process, grieve and refresh our life and work visions. This first cohort will be a minimum of 3 people who are willing to take a personal journey. I will utilize my skills as a coach and facilitator to support you and the group as a whole with your journey. As a result of this program, my hope is that you will go out in the world and do more good - pay your energy and attitudes forward to those in need. Below is a deeper level breakdown of each session.

While this is a free offering, if you desire to support this program and future cohorts, please consider a small donation via my GoFundMe page:

Program Breakdown and Schedule: Friday’s at 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM, EASTERN

All sessions will be done virtually, using Zoom video teleconferencing.

  • Friday, April 10 - Discovery and Intention Setting Introduce the cohort. Set intentions, agreements and expectations for the program. Explore the meaning of chaos. Become grounded in our personal strengths and values and limiting mindsets and beliefs.

  • Friday, April 17- Current State Inventory and Stress Management Inventory current state opportunities and limitations. Learn mindfulness practices to help cope with day-to-day stress. Create a personal decision-making model and brainstorm aspects of your “personal contract.”

  • Friday, April 24 - Letting Go and Looking Forward In depth visioning and journaling practice. Determine what needs to let go in order to create space for possibility in the future. May include a light “letting go” ritual.

  • Friday, May 1 - Coming Together Transition from self-development to group development. Learn and practice peer coaching and communication skills with the intention of further developing our personal visions and relationships beyond this cohort.

  • Friday, May 8 - Roadmapping and Experimentation Put pen to paper to action in identifying steps forward that align to our visions and goals. Use visual tools to support this process. Design an experiment or prototype that will give us data to inform our path forward towards our vision.

  • Friday, May 15 - Reflection, Feedback and Continued Support Bring the cohort experience to a close. Reflect on the process and offer feedback to the Coach that will help inform future programs. Offer opportunities for continued check-in, communication and support.

What You’ll Need:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi

  • Download Zoom on your favorite device (

  • A comfortable place to talk openly

  • Your favorite note-taking materials

Special Notes

  • While coaching can help with processing life events, it does not replace therapeutic services from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. At any point in our journey, if I sense that you may benefit from therapy, I will recommend that you take this path before continuing or alongside coaching.

  • To respect the privacy of the sessions, I will not be recording these sessions. If you cannot attend one of the sessions, I would be happy to schedule a one-on-one session with you at my normal coaching rate: $100/hr.

  • I recommend deepening your coaching journey with one or more personality type assessments. I am credentialed to deliver and debrief your DiSC, MBTI, and EQi assessments. Attached is a description of each with rates associated.

  • I also recommend deepening your group coaching journey with one or more 1:1 coaching sessions, where we can spend individual time exploring possibilities and processing what’s going on in your life, so that you’re able to participate in the program as your best self. These will be offered ad hoc at my normal coaching rate: $100/hr.

About the Coach:

Lauren Green is a graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, and ICF-certified coach with specialties in organization development, strategic communications, and performing arts. Lauren specializes in coaching and facilitating with visual templates. She draws from best practices in adult learning that encourage inclusive and engaging group processes. Lauren holds a master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University (2016). Her graduate work includes special concentrations in group dynamics; collaborative technology; knowledge management; self-leadership; diversity and inclusion; and Appreciative Inquiry. She is a certified MBTI® and EQi (emotional intelligence) Practitioner. Lauren is trained in the DiSC Workplace Assessment tool and also certified to deliver the Grove’s Team Performance Model as well as Impact’s Team Performance Indicator.


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