Free Group Coaching: Visioning in Times of Chaos

In mid-April, I will be piloting a group coaching cohort that will meet for 6 weeks, with the goal of growing self-awareness, managing through chaos and developing and executing confidently on a personal vision. This cohort will be free to cohort members and will be centered around personal growth, communication skills, visioning, mindfulness, goal-setting and action planning. All that is required is a commitment of one hour a week for 6 weeks.

The cohort will be a minimum of 3 people who are willing to take a personal journey. I will utilize my skills as a coach and facilitator to support individuals and the group as a whole with their journey. If you are interested in joining the cohort, please contact me.

I also appreciate small donations that will go towards covering coaching fees and workshop materials development and will help keep me afloat while I volunteer my time to support these individuals.


As a result of this program, my hope is that these individuals will go out in the world and do more good - pay their energy and attitudes forward to those in need. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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