Graphic Recordings from Jedi and the Yogi

Over the past month, I had the unique pleasure to graphic record for one of my favorite Yoga instructors Jafar Alexander for his weekly philosophy class at Beloved Yoga. The three part series had a unique focus on how Jedi teachings align with Yoga philosophy. It was fascinating to absorb and record. Below are the recordings and a few of my personal takeaways.


As I listened to these sessions, I aimed to use "Generative Scribing" techniques from my studies with Kelvy Bird. Kelvy's work from the Presencing Institute has inspired her to approach recording through the lens of your being; using our inner knowing and institutional models to guide what needs to come forward visually.

I reflected greatly on the importance of understanding our "shadow self." The shadow self, much like "the dark side," is the part we least know that can erupt in moments of stress or anger. Jafar's class culminated with an encouragement to focus not only on the light, but also on the dark. As we get to know our "shadow selves," we can become a "Gray Jedi," one with the force and aware of our capacity across the spectrum of light and dark.

Mindfulness and meditation help us build a relationship with all parts of the self.

Please offer feedback and questions on these recordings and the philosophy.

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