DC Dance Summit Graphic Recordings

I was thrilled to have been able to support the 2018 DC Dance Summit last week, a program of Dance Metro DC, in partnership with Dance Place, Dance Exchange, and the Dance Institute of Washington. For two of the three days, I graphic recorded several of the talks on topics relevant to the performing arts community today, such as diversity in dance; women in leadership; feedback/critical response; and anti-oppression.

I also learned some ways of approaching how to capture movement through graphic recording. How would I capture the essence of a dance? When watching dance, you have to listen with your ears and your eyes. My approach was to watch the piece in its entirety, capturing a few photos of dynamic movement, and then integrate these shapes into the recording of the discussion. In one session titled "Art Experience and Listening Circle," Deborah Riley led a discussion that followed a dance performance by Katie Sopoci Drake. It was a silent performance around the themes of oppression and diversity; however, the purpose of the movement was less about the themes and more about the discussion that followed. Fascinating to record.

Another highlight for me was the Anti-Oppression session led by Stephen Clapp and Laura Schandelmeier. The session was a pilot of a longer program in this topic area and centered around movement-based activities that brought out power dynamics related to oppression. It showed how learning and insight is heightened when felt through the body, rather than discussion alone.


Women in Leadership Panel Discussion: Amy Fitterer (Dance / USA); Denise Saunders Thompson (International Association of Blacks in Dance); Estela Velez (Furia Flamenca); Sara Nash (National Endowment for the Arts); Susan McGreevy Nichols (National Dance Education Organization)


The Black Report led by Denise Saunders Thompson (International Association of Blacks in Dance)


Diversity and Representation Panel: Quanice Floyd (Arts Administrators of Color Network); Ronya Lee Anderson (Independent Choreographer); Shruthi Murund (Indian Dance Educators Association); Christopher Morgan (Dance Place + CKM Artists); Omar Ingram (International Association of Blacks in Dance)


Art Experience and Listening Circle led by Deborah Riley and KatieSopoci Drake

Anti-Oppression Training led by Stephen Clapp and Laura Schandelmeier


Using Critical Response Process led by Elizabeth Johnson and Oida Maedel (Dance Exchange)

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