WORKSHOP: Graphic Facilitation 101 - An Essential Primer on Chart Craft

Looking for an introduction to graphic facilitation? Please attend and forward this invite! Next Thursday, I'm leading a workshop through the NOVA Scribes group that will introduce you to the fundamentals of graphic recording. It is perfect for beginner graphic recorders, facilitators who want to improve their chart craft, and ANYONE looking to expand their visual vocabulary. If you’re looking to get a taste of what this work involves, please attend!


Thursday, August 2 - 6-9 p.m.

GMU Arlington Campus Founders Hall (Arlington, VA)

Cost: $15


We will cover: -> Background of graphic recording -> Tools and materials -> Essential skills -> Basic chart craft -> Basic lettering -> Seed shapes, simple people, and icons -> Visual templates (if time) -> Resources What to Bring: -> Graphic recording markers (if you have - we will provide a few but have a limited supply) -> Your favorite note-taking tools

Agenda: 6-6:30 Networking and Light Snacks (no pizza at this one) 6:30-9 Workshop

Speaker Bio: Lauren Green is a graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, and coach with backgrounds in performing arts, organization development and communications. Lauren specializes in coaching and facilitating with visual templates and embodied experiences. Lauren holds a master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University (2016). Her graduate work includes special concentrations in group dynamics; collaborative technology; knowledge management; self-leadership; diversity and inclusion; and Appreciative Inquiry. Lauren is also a CTI-trained coach and is currently working towards her certification.

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