Two Poems from Travels to Guatemala

Last week, I treated myself to a week of disconnection. I participated in a Yoga retreat to Lake Atlitlan in Guatemala led by Jess Purtell, one of my favorite DC area Yoga and Pilates instructors. It was a week of relaxation and self-reflection.

Without the distractions of technology, social media, and email, I read, slept, meditated, and faced a few fears, too. I was inspired by the landscape of the lake and the volcanoes. I found myself writing a bit of poetry to capture the experience and the emotions that were present for me. I'm pleased to share with you these two poems, unedited.

"I Am the Mountain"

by Lauren Green

I am the mountain

Strong and majestic

I have been here for millennia

I will be here for more

Trees grow from my earth

Their roots wind through my rocks

Shelters are carved into my boulders

My head is in the clouds

My toes stand in the lapping, laughing water

Sometimes I erupt

I rejoice in the changing world around me

As I stay strong and true to myself.

"The Wind"

by Lauren Green

It blows

And with it, the fear

What will come loose?

What will fly away?

It menaces

The leaves shiver

row by row

The invisible wave smacks my face

And then... a thought

What if the wind was just wind?

What if this wind loves me?

What if this wind heals me?

Blowing sweet burnt wood smells

Blowing away any thoughts but those

In the here and now

Demanded by her presence.

Photo by Meghan Lutz

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