Moving Dialogues Method

This past Thursday, February 1, I attended the workshop “Moving Dialogues” hosted by a Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network special interest group and led by local performing artists and organization development professionals, Kelly King and Andrea Bachinski. The Moving Dialogues Method was the bridge I needed between my undergraduate creative movement coursework and my current work as a facilitator and coach. It offered me tangible ways that movement tools can be used with ANYONE to drive insights individually and as a group. I’m so excited to use this tool and wanted to share a few personal takeaways from the class.

A few takeaways:

  1. Anyone can move. Whether your visually-impaired, movement-impaired or simply stubborn, movement can be as small or as big as you are able to offer.

  2. Magic happens when you stop talking. 55% of communication happens in the body. When you take away words, people gain tremendous meaning.

  3. Movement drives insight. Start with a question - what is success… what’s next… what is the current state... where would you like to go? Consider what shapes represent your answers. Reflect on what this tells you. What values might be present?

  4. Movement tells a story. When people move as a group, they experience their personal and group dynamic at a deeper level. Did you want to go into the cluster, or did you prefer to stand apart? Did you gravitate toward the leader? Did you “break the rules”? What behaviors would you like to adopt as a team?

If you would like to learn or experience the Moving Dialogues Method, reach out to Kelly King. Consider taking this FREE Moving Dialogues session on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC.

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