Take Back Our Stories

I see my life as a story and was thrown off by a plot twist that I was not expecting. I realized that I had to "write a new story"... and that seemed scary. Then I realized that I just have to keep writing the story I've already started. It might have new scenery and a few new characters, but the heroin hasn't changed. Negative internal narratives create negative life stories. If we do not take back our stories, we become them. Mary Alice Arthur's "Take Back the Power of Y(our) Story" looks at humanity through the lens of stories. Stories are how we make sense of the world. It's our pain, our wisdom, and how we interact. Our stories are our truth. When we don't understand others, it is because they are living in a different story. As a facilitator, Arthur brings storytelling into leadership development, team-building, and organizational change. Stories are fundamentally human - since the beginning of humanity, we've been telling stories through pictures, song, dance, and legend. Drawing stories out through conversation builds meaning, strengthens connections, drives change, and spawns creativity. "We live in a story and that means we can change it," said Arthur. "The story you're living in is the one you are living into." So how do we take back our stories?

  • Be curious and withhold judgment

  • Stay present

  • Be a story listener

  • Be aware of who is telling the story

  • Ask questions - what stories should we keep, start, and stop?

  • Ask - what is mine to tell?

  • Ask - what question would change our lives?

For more, check out this TEDx Talk and follow Mary Alice Arthur .

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