Other Support Offerings


When you're the trainer or facilitator of a virtual workshop, you have to keep your focus on the participants and the process. Dealing with a technical issue for one individual can derail your focus and the entire session. A technical host (or hosts, depending on the size of the group) will take all of the "techie stuff," off of the facilitators' plate. They will monitor chat and troubleshoot technology issues. A technical host is not I.T. support. They are professional virtual facilitators, which means they can also train you and your participants on how to use tools and consult with you to make sure your process is following leading practices in online learning. 

Create space for a technical host through...

  • Sharing your facilitator agenda and/or run of show 

  • Allowing the technical host 2 minutes at the start of the meeting for technical housekeeping 

  • Having routine verbal check-ins throughout the session

  • Creating a back channel for communicating behind the curtain 


Writing is an art form, just like painting. It requires research, interviews and other forms of information gathering to create a document that communicates the key messages in a way that your target audience will understand. Our team has experience writing for publications, blogs, whiteboard animation video scripts and social media content. We work with you to gather the key information and put it together in the desired format. We will also edit already written content for errors, readability and style consistency. 

Please note that we do not "ghost write" blogs, books or other published works that are directly related to our services. If you would like our support in writing for publication related to our services, we require a byline, appropriate credit and use of the content for our distribution. 


Dancing with Markers® offers visual facilitation, visual-note-taking, coaching, workshops and training, and consulting services, both in person and through virtual sessions. 


Meet us in an upcoming Friday Coffee Chat, an opportunity to grow confidence in the virtual environment, connect with other facilitators, and learn about our offerings and events. 


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