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Graphic facilitation is the use of visual tools to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve breakthroughs. Our approach to graphic facilitation is to design a facilitation process using visual templates and tools from thought leaders in graphic facilitation (The Grove Consultants International) and design thinking (LUMA Institute). Graphic facilitation lends itself well to change strategy,  strategic planning, communications planning, process design, systems thinking, future visioning, team norming, leadership development, and more. ​


You may want a graphic facilitator if there is... 

  • A need to improve communication between individuals and groups 

  • A need to improve team or organization functionality 

  • High complexity in your system or process

  • Risk of conflict amongst participants

  • A need to ensure that all voices are heard 



Our team does professional virtual conference convenings and virtual facilitation. In other words, we have all of the tools to get your meetings and events online. We believe in the power of virtual collaboration tools to maximize participant engagement and collaboration. We will work with you to design virtual meetings and events that will meet your outcomes. 


Current events may be the impetus to move virtual, but these tools are here to stay. We encourage you to avoid cancelling your events and take an opportunity now to embrace the innovative possibilities that virtual collaboration tools can offer. 


Perhaps all you need is someone to host your virtual meeting and managing the “technical stuff.” Ask us about “virtual hosting.”


Graphic recording is large scale visual note-taking to capture information and discussions during meetings and events with words and images. Graphic recording uses active listening and synthesizing content to create an illustrative record.  Graphic recording is also a knowledge management tool to capture content so that it can live on and be used for future experiences and the benefit of others. Check out the gallery


A graphic recorder will help to...

  • Quicken decision-making time 

  • Increase knowledge retention of the participants

  • Bring the meeting to life in a visually innovative way 

  • Engage multiple adult learning styles 

  • Capture key points and content for archival purposes 

  • Give participants an artifact of the conversation


Not all graphic recorders draw on walls. Some use their iPad! Whether you’re taking your meeting online or just want graphic recording on the big screen, digital scribing can offer the same hand-drawn, engaging experience that a graphic recorder creates, just using a digital platform.



Coaching is a partnership between coach and coachee. Together we work to develop your goals and vision, usually around finding fulfillment or balance, or to process day-to-day experiences. If you are experiencing a life transition, growing as a leader, expanding your career, or trying to make personal changes, a coach may be a good fit for you. As the coachee works towards fulfilling their goals, the coach acts as a witness, a mirror, a listener, an empower, and sometimes, a disruptor—whatever behaviors the coachee needs in order to create new habits and achieve their goals. 


A coach can help you to...

  • Support your journey towards fulfillment, balance or processing through challenges 

  • Start and stay accountable with a new project

  • Work through a major life change or transition 

  • Learn about yourself and how you can lead and engage better with others 



Learn fundamentals of visual language in a half to full day workshop. You will learn drawing fundamentals and lettering basics, as well as expand your visual vocabulary. You will leave with an understanding of how to visualize key concepts from your work, create a visual narrative, and listen for key points. This class is perfect for anyone, regardless of whether you doodle in your notebook or have never touched a marker. You will have the foundation for continuing to train as a graphic recorder.


You may want a visualization workshop if... 

  • You are looking to improve your team’s visual language 

  • You have a need to express ideas visually 

  • You would like to bring more visuals into your work

  • You work with designers and would like to improve your visual communication 



The foundation of our organization development experience is in Appreciative Inquiry—a philosophy, a methodology, and a research tool that engages stakeholders in the process of leveraging what is currently working in order to create the future. We approach organization development as an engaged observer and reporter, with the belief that in order to see effective change, all stakeholders must be "in the room," or a part of the process.  It is not up to us to tell an organization what to do; our role is to show an organization the narrative that it is telling itself and help leaders and teams make decisions about change that are right for their unique story.

You may want organization development or communication consulting if....

  • You would like to better understand the culture and/or health or the organization or those it serves 

  • You would would like to create an impactful approach to a major systematic change 

  • You would like to better understand how the organization uses and retains knowledge 

  • You would like to improve your internal communications structures and/or meetings 


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let’s chat about your needs. Contact me to set up a discovery call.