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Harvard Business Publishing

5 Steps to Stay Focused When Teaching Online

Try Balancing High Intensity Activity with Periods of Recovery

by Lauren Green, Rae Ringel, and Brian Tarallo

May 13, 2020

International Forum of Visual Practitioners

2020 Conference Panelist
Business Lessons in Pivoting

Mara Callaert, Tanya Gadspy, Tim Hamons, Lisa Nelson, Nitya Wakhlu, and Lauren Green

Most visual practitioners have reported a 50 percent or more decline in revenue. We had a dynamic conversation covering lessons learned from successful and failed experiments over our months in quarantine.

June 27, 2020


L-TEN Listening to Ourselves Webinar

Monthly webinar speaker
Listening to Ourselves: Internal Listening and Mental Models

Ranieka Weston and Lauren Green

Listening to ourselves involves being present with ourselves and more aware of our needs, feelings, judgments, mental models and stories. Unless we can listen to ourselves mindfully, there's little chance of being able to listen well to others.

September 11, 2020


No Fat Cats Podcast with Wesley Dean

How to Host a Zoom Meeting that Gets Creative Results

Wesley Dean and Lauren Green

In this episode, Lauren Green, a professional graphic facilitator and the founder of Dancing with Markers, talks about the power of using unorthodox methods and engaging the people around you to foster creativity. With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging on, she gives some essential tips for facilitating collaborative creativity on Zoom.

July 8, 2020


A Note of Daring Podcast with Rachel Thompson

Lauren Green: Jumping off Cliffs

This delightful conversation with Lauren Green dives into starting a business as a visual practitioner, jumping off cliffs, online dating during a pandemic, and whacks on the side of the head. 

June 9, 2020


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