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A professional dancer local to the Washington Metro Area, I specialize in classic and contemporary jazz dance, modern, and musical theatre. After receiving my B.F.A. in dance at S.U.N.Y. University at Buffalo (2009), I danced professionally in New York City (Undertoe Dance Project), Buffalo (LehrerDance - apprentice), and currently in the Washington Metro Area (Dancin' Unlimited). I also have six years of teaching experience, ages two through adult in all major forms of dance, and experience choreographing concert jazz and modern pieces.  Dance to me is a life-long evolution. When I was three, it was a form of imagination and story-telling; when I was 10, it was an extra-curricular activity; when I was 15, it was a discipline; when I was 22 it was a goal to be achieved; and when I was 25, it was a passion to be renewed. Every stage of life brings new meaning to this art form. It is still a mix of all of these things, but it is now a deeper part of my identity, a form of mindfulness, and a grounding practice. While I still teach and perform, I would like to explore bringing dance/kinesthetic awareness into my facilitation practice and find ways to help other dancers explore the changing role that dance has in their lives. Read more about the lessons I've learned through dance in "Making Your Own Success – My Story and Tips for Young Dancers" (2014). 


Please send me a message, and we can set up time to chat about your unique goals and needs.


  • You want to experience dance in new and different ways

  • You want to transition away from full-time dance

  • You want to give more space in your life to dance


  • You want to pursue dance in college

  • You want to keep dancing, while pursuing other things

  • You want to discover new passions / pursuits beyond dance


  • You want to develop yourself and discover fulfillment

  • You want to find balance in your work and life

  • You want to teach, mentor, develop and inspire other artists


  • You want to support your child in their dance journey

  • You are anxious and uncertain about dance as a career


  • You have an upcoming meeting or event 

  • You would like a visual of your history or vision

  • You would like a hand-drawn graphic for your website 



  • You want to create a shared vision 

  • You want to design specific actions 

  • You want to improve your marketing and outreach


  • You are observing negative dynamics or bullying 

  • You know that a strong team leads to better performances

  • You want to develop the whole person, not just the dancer


Please send me a message, and we can set up time to chat about your unique goals and needs.


You’re a professional dancer transitioning into the corporate life… you’re a dancer looking at college programs for dance… you danced previously and are looking for ways to get back into it. Whatever your story, visioning is the act of imagining the future in the present and designing your unique path to getting there. In this workshop, you will be led through a series of visual templates to reflect on the future that you want; note your first steps; and share your vision in a way that empowers you to act and achieve your dreams.


Optional Add-Ons:

  • Goal Setting

  • Peer Coaching



This is the perfect time of year to reflect on all that you have achieved and ask the question - what’s next? In this session, you will reflect on what you learned - the good and the constructive - over the previous year. You will be led through visioning exercises to come up with goals and initiatives for the next 3, 6 or 12 months (or beyond!). You will then be led through a communication activity and learn how to best communicate your vision and bring other key stakeholders into the visioning process.



It’s all about the show, the recital, the competition, but if your dancers aren’t getting along backstage, the performance is bound to suffer, not to mention the morale and emotional health of the group. We’ve all been in negative group situations and know how destructive they can be, especially to a budding or emerging dancer. In this workshop, you will learn how to recognize and listen for signs of negative group dynamics; the special and unique role that you have as a leader; basic coaching skills; and several options for improving the culture and building a healthy team of dancers. A healthy team start with you - an emotionally aware and equipped leader of dancers.