We will coach you in designing engaging and productive virtual meetings and conferences. We have a library leading practices in collaborative technology and virtual facilitation modalities. We will work with you to design the most effective virtual format and agenda design to meet the desired outcomes for your event.

A consultant will...

  • Ensure that you are using the right tools for accomplishing your desired outcomes 

  • Help you design your staffing model to support flow and troubleshooting 

  • Make recommendations that support engagement, such as shorter sessions, use of pre-recorded videos for long speeches, contingency planning and pre-event technology training 

  • Train your team of facilitators and technical hosts to be set up for productive teaming 


​The foundation of our organization development experience is in Appreciative Inquiry—a philosophy, a methodology, and a research tool that engages stakeholders in the process of leveraging what is currently working in order to move into the desired future state. We approach organization development as an engaged observer and reporter, with the belief that in order to see effective change, all stakeholders must be "in the room," or at least part of the process.  It is not up to us to tell an organization what to do; our role is to show an organization the narrative that it is telling itself and help leaders and teams make decisions about change that are right for their unique story. 

Our consulting process includes:

  • Planning and kick-off with your internal support committee 

  • Robust and representative data gathering through surveys, interviews and focus groups 

  • Environmental scan report with suggestions and recommendations for forward action 

  • Whole system change workshop or workshop series 

  • Action planning with internal support committee 

  • Close-out and retrospective feedback process with recommendations for continued support

​An organization development and communications consultant will...

  • Help you understand the culture and/or health of the organization or those it serves 

  • Create an impactful approach to a major systematic change 

  • Help you understand how the organization uses, shares and retains knowledge 

  • Support improved internal communications structures and/or meetings