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Coaching is a partnership between coach and coachee. Together we work to develop your goals and vision, usually around finding fulfillment or balance, or to process day-to-day experiences. If you are experiencing a life transition, growing as a leader, expanding your career, or trying to make personal changes, a coach may be a good fit for you. As the coachee works towards fulfilling their goals, the coach acts as a witness, a mirror, a listener, an empower, and sometimes, a disruptor—whatever behaviors the coachee needs in order to create new habits and achieve their goals. 

Often coaching starts with developing a purpose statement, identifying personal values, and addressing inner obstacles ("our saboteurs"). Understanding what's important to you up front can help drive you towards better, more fulfilling life choices. 

A coach is not a therapist, a mentor, a friend, a cheerleader, or a consultant. You hire a coach to care for the fuller version of yourself as you transform and transition. 

Some of my coaching tools include: 

  • Active listening 

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Brainstorming activities and worksheets

  • Exposure to new ideas

  • Homework! 

  • Interrupting 

  • Mindfulness

  • Personal stories and insights as a female, young professional, millennial, artist, dancer, etc. etc. etc...

  • Use of movement / finding answers in your body 

  • Visual templates, sketch-journaling, other visual activities

I specialist in coaching dancers, artists, high school and college students, and young adult women. The coaching model that I follow is the Coactive Model, integrated with leading practices in visualization, such as the Grove's Personal Compass Workbook (video)


December 2017

I started my coaching journey as many wannabe coaches do, by finding my own coach. Since dancers are a group who I saw myself coaching, I searched for someone doing similar work and found Jess Grippo—dancer, coach, writer, and inspirational speaker.


Jess' private coaching sessions were 45 minutes, twice per month, via Zoom video conference. I started with several concrete goals and one big question—what role do I want dance to play in my life? Over the first several weeks, ambiguity often got the best of me. I didn't understand how talking about things that were bothering me at work were relevant to my goals for dance. "Those are the things that are holding you back," said Jess wisely. "You have to work through them in order to be open to the things that matter." ::mind blown::


Jess used many traditional coaching tools and several unique, movement exercises that helped me gain insights through my body—powerful stuff! I did one in person "Power Dance" session with her in NYC, which helped me identify an important insight, "Stop worrying! Just do!"


As a result of my work with Jess and the final project, I felt like I had the momentum I needed to start saying "no" to the things that didn't feel important to me, and start saying "yes" a lot more to the things that did. Now one year after I started the program, I am dancing part-time in a company again (age is not a limitation!); substitute teaching (flexible and non-committal); exploring new movements, like salsa and aerial; and starting my own coaching journey. 

I am working towards my coaching certification (expected completion in early 2019) with Coaches Training Institute (CTI). This time next year, I'll likely be a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and prepping for my final certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

This is a graphic depiction of my coaching journey with Jess. 


You were a real encouragement to the younger students there who are a bit confused and perplexed about their path forward. I think you gave them confidence to keep developing their skills and moving from step to step.

Phil Bakelaar, Adjunct Faculty, Montclair University, School of Communication and Media