Invest in YOU: Two Events in May

Announcing two new events designed to deepen your personal journey and help you reach your goals right now. Even if you cannot join us, please share these with a friend or colleague who may be interested. Group Coaching Cohort 2 (6 Weeks): May 22-June 26, 2020 (Fridays at 9:30 AM EST) The first group cohort is off and running, and we are now opening registration for the second cohort. The goal of this 6 week group coaching experience is to work on ourselves in partnership with other willing individuals to grow awareness, manage through chaos, and develop and execute a personal vision and action plan. EARLY BIRD PRICING THROUGH MAY 8, 2020 Learn more MBTI Report and Group MBTI Workshop: Frida

Friday Coffee Chat with Lauren - Shop Talk, New Ideas, Centering

Bring your coffee and your questions - technical or otherwise. The Friday Coffee Chat is aimed to grow our confidence in the new virtual environment. We will use this time to wake up, stretch, and talk about what would be most helpful right now... whatever is coming up as the biggest need, such as... "shop talk", i.e. answering specific questions or challenges with virtual tools, such as Zoom and Mural getting feedback on a virtual facilitation agenda or digital scribe recording sharing a new idea, project or tool mindfulness and centering - a time to reconnect with others and ourselves We will dance with what shows up! This will run for 4 weeks as a pilot and we will adjust/extend based o


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