Help the Homeless - One Starfish at a Time

A boy was walking along the beach when he noticed several thousand starfish along the shore, beached and burning up in the sun, unable to reach the water. Horrified, the boy started to pick up the starfish, one at a time, and toss them into the water. A man walking along noticed the boy's Herculean effort to save the starfish and exclaimed, "Why are you trying to help them? Look around! There are millions of starfish. How can you possibly help them all?" The boy picked up a lone starfish and tossed him into the water. He then replied, "Well, at least I helped that one." Last week, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate "The Way Home," a conference organized by Coalition for the Homeless in H

RE-BLOG: ODKM Master’s Students Take ‘LeaderSHIP’ Roles in Leadership Seminar

This blog was originally published on the George Mason University SCHAR School of Policy and Government blog. Read it here. I'm reposting this to acknowledge and celebrate a milestone accomplishment for this group of graduate students in the GMU ODKM program. I had the great honor of being the facilitator for their group dynamics class last year. What wonder to see them a year later having come so far both personally and as a team. - Lauren Master’s students at the Schar School of Policy and Government became facilitators for a day in mid-November when a metaphorical “ship” docked at Founders Hall for the Master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management capstone event, the ODKM


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