8 Tips for Emerging Facilitators and OD Practitioners

What I have learned in transitioning into the world of facilitation and organization development is that it is tough, especially for recent graduates or those early in their career. Here are a few tips that have worked for me when it comes to making a transition like this. INTERN: Although I had prior work experience in marketing and communications, I needed a job on my resume that showed experience specific to this field. I took a paid leadership development internship for a large corporation and fortunately was able to transition that into a full-time organizational effectiveness position afterwards. Alternative: If you're not in a position to intern, take a position with a clear learni

I Will Wear at Least One Stiletto

I was hit with pain when I stepped off the curb. My ankle twisted. I caught myself between two cars. Fellow dancers rushed over as I processed the shock of what I had just done. They ran to get ice as I hobbled to my driver seat. Leg elevated out the window, I sipped water as my friends held the ice and looked on with concern. It’s been years since I’ve had an “acute” injury. Other injuries I’ve experienced from dance have been chronic, overuse injuries. This was new. The next day, I woke up with no pain or swelling. I wrapped up my foot and headed to my training class. Over the day, I did some exercises and assessed my balance. I felt fine. I even danced on it at a holiday party that evenin

Moving Dialogues Method

This past Thursday, February 1, I attended the workshop “Moving Dialogues” hosted by a Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network special interest group and led by local performing artists and organization development professionals, Kelly King and Andrea Bachinski. The Moving Dialogues Method was the bridge I needed between my undergraduate creative movement coursework and my current work as a facilitator and coach. It offered me tangible ways that movement tools can be used with ANYONE to drive insights individually and as a group. I’m so excited to use this tool and wanted to share a few personal takeaways from the class. A few takeaways: Anyone can move. Whether your visually-impaire


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