Corporate Flash Mobs as a Service - 10 Lessons from Dance in the Workplace

“Scooby snacks!” she said, and that was our cue. One by one, we rose from our table and made our way to the dance floor, high-fiving along the way. As the music started, we took our places. “Put your pinky rings up to the moon...” and we were off, gliding to the beat and snaking to the rhythm of “24K Magic.” Cameras flashed from every angle. Onlookers laughed and smiled. We moved and jammed with each other. Three minutes felt like a flash and a lifetime. The music faded, and we dispersed, giving space for our colleague to make his worm debut. The flash mob I choreographed for my company’s holiday party gave me a new perspective for the value of dance as a team-building activity. Through the

DanceFest 2018 Graphic Recordings

I have always been an avid note-taker. Visual note-taking is one of my main job functions now, but even as a high school student, I was driven to capture everything. I kept a small notebook in my dance bag and after every class, I feverishly wrote down as many corrections as I could remember. You can't easily take notes while you're dancing, so I spent a lot of mental energy memorizing and repeating corrections to myself during class, so that I would remember to write them down later. Yesterday, I participated as a vendor in DanceFest 2018, an annual show and workshop hosted by the Virginia Dance Coalition. It takes place over a weekend and brings together dance companies and studios from ac


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