Take Back Our Stories

I see my life as a story and was thrown off by a plot twist that I was not expecting. I realized that I had to "write a new story"... and that seemed scary. Then I realized that I just have to keep writing the story I've already started. It might have new scenery and a few new characters, but the heroin hasn't changed. Negative internal narratives create negative life stories. If we do not take back our stories, we become them. Mary Alice Arthur's "Take Back the Power of Y(our) Story" looks at humanity through the lens of stories. Stories are how we make sense of the world. It's our pain, our wisdom, and how we interact. Our stories are our truth. When we don't understand others, it is bec

Let Your Body Go with the Flow

Magic happens when the choreographer steps back and the dancers take the choreography into their own bodies. It happens when the curtain rises and the lights come up. It happens in the studio when the teacher stops giving the counts and the dancers must move together. Each time I ran the music for their combo to "Vogue" tonight, I demo'd a little less, replaced vocals with hand gestures, replaced yelling the counts with claps, then snaps. By the end, I'm an audience member, enjoying the flair that each dancer has offered to the movement that they've been handed. They may not all know the full combination in its entirety, but together, all of the knowledge is "in the room" as Harrison Owen,


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