We Live in the World Our Questions Create (Book Notes: The Coaching Habit)

I just finished reading The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier. Not only is it a great book for aspiring coaches and managers, this is simply a great "life" book. If you want to learn how to ask questions that will not only help others but help you focus on what really matters, enjoy these summary notes and grab a copy of the book to go on your own journey. 7 Essential Questions: The Kick Start Question: What’s on your mind? The AWE Question: And what else? The Focus Question: What is the real challenge here for you? The Foundation Question: What do you want? The Lazy Question: How can I help? The Strategic Question: If you are saying yes to this, what are you saying no to? The Learnin

Our Best Laid Plans

On Saturday evening, in my first live performance in three years, I found myself on stage improvising a monologue, when my scene partner forgot to come onstage. It was dark backstage. I had to wait until the dancers finished their duet, so no one would see me enter. Black out. Cue lights. Enter. No scene partner. On stage. Can't turn back now. Nothing to do but, improvise. This is happening. Just go with it. This is fun! This is my moment. Fortunately, my improv lined up well with the actual scene. "Where the heck is he? He is so late. I can't believe this!..." I say, stomping around. About 30 seconds later, my scene partner shows up. "Where's the craps game?" he says. "It's about 1


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