On Bravery and What it Looks Like

In her TED Talk "Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection," Reshma Saujani discusses how women have been socialized to be perfect and as a result, we are overly cautious. We have a fear of not getting it "right." As she encourages bravery over perfection, a number of questions came up for me. Where am I trying bravery? How does it show up? Have I tried different forms of bravery? Can bravery look like giving up? Can it look like asking for help? Can it look like saying yes and saying no? MXLLS​ ​Saujani pushes bravery over perfectionism, but she does not articulate what bravery really looks like. For many women (and men), the first time we think we are doing something brave and for the right rea


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