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My name is Lauren Green. I’m a dancer and facilitator in the Northern Virginia area. I'm currently participating in a life/creativity coaching program geared towards dancers (check out my coach Jess Grippo - she is WONDERFUL). As part of the program I have chosen a project aligned to my interests. Someday, I would also like to coach dancers. I'm interested in starting conversations that will help me define that space. On a personal level, I'm interested in hearing others' perspectives that may also deepen my own thoughts and insights about dance. 

So here is my question - how has the role of dance evolved in your life?

This is not meant to make you feel like you have it all figured out or like you have to have checked the boxes that you wanted you. This is a reflection on what dance has meant to you, how has it shaped you, and how might it continue to have different meaning. 

To the right is a visual template for you to fill out. I use visual templates like these when facilitating groups, but they are also great for individual reflection and personal development. This is a visual template that I designed, loosely based on "The Starting Point" from the Grove's Personal Compass workbook. It has been adapted for dancers. It's like a worksheet.


  1. Please print out and complete as much or as little of this template as you would like (prints best on 11"x17" paper). 

  2. Please take a photo or scan and email it back to me.

  3. Please also let me know if you have time for a 30 min follow-up conversation with me (no cost). Include 2-3 possible availabilities and preference for in person vs. call/video chat. This conversation would not be for me to coach you but for me to hear you and anything you would like to share. 

  4. I may schedule a dancer's focus group in the coming weeks (Northern Virginia area) where we can share and evolve our understandings in a small group setting. If you are interested, let me know. There may be a small fee ($5-$10 to cover space and snacks). 

  5. Understand the confidentiality statement below.


The information shared with me is being used to help me further define my dance evolution and potential future coaching practice. I may use some of the overall themes and/or non-identifiable quotes in a blog post.


I may also present what I learned to a group of peers who are also going through the same coaching program. Please let me know if you would like me to exclude your contributions from any of that.